09 September 2011

Dialogue Hits #20

In 1999, my then-colleague Helen Dimoff and I had the idea of doing a magazine that would straddle the line between Gensler and its clients. Twelve years later, the 20th issue of Dialogue rolled off the press. Most design firm magazines die a quick death. Their sponsors underestimate the effort and cost involved. Editorial vision and the availability of suitable content are also a challenge. When we made our pitch to Art Gensler, he said that his goal for it was "to show our clients what we do." Gensler works across the world economy, so Dialogue achieves Art's goal by discussing the trends and issues that drive design in the different economic sectors the firm serves. We've never lacked for content. The Dialogue above is sitting on the laptop on which the magazine is edited in final form. If you'd like to see the issue, you can download a PDF of it. (The link takes you to the "Viewpoints" page on the Gensler website, where you'll see the new issue posted.) It's a work of many hands. See the masthead for the credits.